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Telematics is a technology that helps collate, store and distribute critical information over any network. The term has been derived by integrating two of its important components viz. telecommunications and informatics, for the purpose of gathering information about any particular machine. Genesis has been a leader in the field of Telematics for over 6 Years. Our solutions enable our customer to coordinate their fleet & dispatch systems by pointing the precise location of the vehicle through web on computer or a mobile device. Our M2M platform has also been deployed for Electrical sub-station Management for utility companies.

Data Storage Security
Data Storage Security

How it Works

Genesis has its own M2M embedded platforms with wireless connectivity to our servers. While one end of the equipment becomes part of user equipment or asset to be monitored, the other part is usually the server ‘listening’ in to the broadcast by the asset. The server also stores the communication thereby creating logs which generate reports for automated analysis and thereby giving decision support to the asset owners for their repair and maintenance. In some cases we have even gone ahead to unattended fixing of certain conditions based upon certain inputs – thereby providing unmatched power and reduced cost of ownership of the asset in question.

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