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Smart APFC is part of Genesis offering into Smart Grid. Smart APFC provides unmatched monitoring upto the Sub Station and Transformers level for its electrical parameters and sensors. It also provides a transparent channel wireless interface to read Energy meters. Finally, we also provide automated Power Factor monitoring and control for each site. We also provide remote parameters for distribution transformers; analytics about the energy received, and distributed over a period of time, online access about such data to the stakeholders involved.

How it Works

Smart Grid is a sub-station level solution where the bulk of electricity received from the supplier/distributor is broken down for further distribution. Our motive is to create a solution which can shift the current maintenance paradigm from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance.

Key Features

  • Bring down the failure rate of the Distribution transformers and maintain it at Zero.
  • Input data for Energy Accounting and auditing.
  • Online availability of Metering System Health.
  • On line availability of Electrical Network Parameters and Physical Parameters of Distribution transformer.
  • Reduction in Technical and Commercial losses by optimizing the network parameters.
  • Input for Maintenance team to optimize the maintenance expenses.
  • Strong Feedback mechanism for management.
  • Control the theft of the assets like Distribution transformers and other.
  • Ensuring the human safety at sites.
  • Ensuring the assets security.

Key Advantages

  • Install RTU and APFC together as one control unit.
  • Avoids duplicity of CT and meter installation.
  • Lower cost.
  • Better performance due to Less Components.
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