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PitBull is a GPS based Vehicle Tracking System which provides fleet owners real time data of their vehicles and status of their cargo. Pit Bull gives the current location of the vehicle through web on computer or mobile and also gives the accurate estimation of the distance travelled fuel consumption and speed report of the vehicle. It generates online report in PDF, Excel format for any chosen interval and instant alert generation via GPRS/Email/SMS on over speeding, geo- fence violation and route deviation. Pit Bull provides complete end to end customization capabilities on hardware and software. Integration of sensors in PitBull helps in monitoring fuel status, door status, temperature and attendance with RFID Tags.

SkoolMagic Examination
SkoolMagic Examination

Pitbull is the vehicle tracking solution that enables to monitor the cargo whenever you require. The tracking device constantly sends out information about the vehicles movement , speed , distance and duration of each stop.All the information can be accessed from central website or mobile phone. These devices are considered as perfect solution in keeping vehicle safe and saving money by proper fleet management.

How It works?

It uses GPS and GSM /GPRS data / voice communication technology. “It just tracks what happens in real time,and synchronises various applications that depend upon this geographic data”. Further Pitbull also links up with various sensory equipments to generate alerts,reports and analysis which could be integrated with your ERP / TMS software application.


  1. PitBull also has a foolproof automated Load Cell to monitor your laden weight.
  2. Customized Daily Activity information and summary analysis & Post-Facto Analysis.
  3. Expected Time of Arrival of vehicles towards plants, thereby assisting scheduling of vehicles.
  4. Real time intimation of any unauthorized opening of the doors in any un-authorized locations by installing transshipments sensors.
  5. Creation of Business maps by locating all their dealer locations,plant locations, etc.
  6. Driver Evaluation module based on set parameters.



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