An APS Group Company

Genesis is an integral part of the APS Group Company. We are a technology driven group offering products and solutions for a global customer base. Genesis is one of the very few companies in the world, working in the challenging areas of Data Security, M2M as well as Systems Integration.

Genesis operates through its four verticals, viz. Genesis R&D, Genesis Mobility, Genesis Education andGenesis Energy. Genesis has been the pioneer in numerous domains and has paved way for their innovation and enhancement. Genesis has been the First technology company to -

  • Implement RFID tracking for People and Logistic Tracking in an International Event.
  • Develop a Frequency Management Solution for FM Radio Stations.
  • Develop Radio over WAP.
  • To Perform Security Audit on Sub Urban Transport.

We have a proven Customer Record in Defense as well as Government and Public Sector industry with ability to deliver customized applications even while working on stringent timelines. We provide holistic solutions that create quality controlled environment. Our products include TrackMagic, PitBull, LoGate, BioTrax, SkoolMagic, SecurDrive, DocuBahn and Smart APFC.

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