Corporate - Governance Genesis

Genesis has a wide array of technology products viz. TrackMagic, PitBull, LoGate, SkoolMagic, SecurDrive, DocuBahn and Smart APFC. These products address the needs across a variety of sectors including both civil and defence.


Ethical Standards: Clear and established core values and standards of business conduct, corporate Government and code of ethics are monitored and annually affirmed by our associates via our annual employee survey.

Nominating and Corporate Government Committee: This committee develops and recommends corporate Government policies andoversees the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board.

Black-out/Insider Trading Policy: An exceptionally stringent Insider Trading policy was designed to prevent the occurrence or even the appearance of improper trading in our stock by associates and directors. This policy provides assurance to our shareholders, analysts and others that the market for our stock is a fair one and not improperly influenced by those that may be in possession ofnon-public information.

Code of Ethics: We recently updated our Code of Ethics to reaffirm our Core Values and emphasize the standards of conduct that we expect from Associates. The Code is important because it instills trust and confidence in the minds of our clients, shareholders, partners and Associates and supports our empowered, "client-first" culture.

Professional Guidance: Both outside legal counsel and independent accountants ensure that effective Government practices and regulations are followed.

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