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Ops Rooms-

Genesis Operations Room Briefing Solution provides a collaborative environment across users at the Main HQs, making up to date data available online for the Ops briefing room. With the aid of this solution, a Commander can interactively select an area of Interest and instantly view the latest operational situation. The state of art infrastructure assists Commanders to assess the situation and make timely decisions.

Control Rooms-

Genesis control room solutions bring together multiple information materials in real-time. Data is put forward in a visual format that is controllable, and it can be displayed at multiple sizes and resolutions. This enables an organization to have control over its environment at all the times. Latent problems can be identified and dealt with in a swift and efficient manner. Government entities use them to keep an eye on issues around the world via satellite, allowing them quick response time to the developing problems. From the board room to the classroom to the operations center, they provide state-of-the-art technology for a wide range of entities that include everything from oil and gas enterprises to government facilities.

Conference Room/Board Room Solutions-

The conference room is the center of group collaboration and a uniquely efficient tool to enable locally or geographically dispersed teams to get more done with fewer resources. The measure of a conference room’s value, however, goes beyond its capabilities. The most powerful technology counts for nothing if participants are uncomfortable using it, or if it fails to perform reliably. By combining the right technologies to meet your unique needs, Genesis ensures that performance doesn’t come at the expense of utility.

E Sand Model Rooms-

The modern Sand Model Technology helps in operation planning, mission briefing and training for all the security forces including the armed forces, paramilitary and police. The modern Sand Model Technology is an integration of diverse technologies with GIS as its base engine. The technology relies on the GIS platform to record information on different terrains with support of state- of –art AV infrastructure. This technology helps to give enrichedoperational intelligence and awareness to the forces.

Virtual Reality -

We offer Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions tailored to your needs and industry. Our AR/VR solutions combine cutting-edge technology and ease of use. Our rich experience enables us to deliver stunning quality graphics and content.

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